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Re: Need help?????
May 8, 2007
problem with the leave for 12 weeks is that i took it already from march 5th til may 16 =( i had a hysterectomy done, so im just now returning to work, so i guess they thing gee hired wrong person, as i just started to work there jan oh well i guess, we will make it do what it do as ray charles said..=) the doc today was very frustrating, i sat in the waiting room with my right eye almost closed from be swollen and my limbs twitching for almost 2 full hrs before i showed my stating please tell me why the hell i have been sitting here this long, they looked finally got seen at 2 and a half hrs =( very mad at this point, told the doc, my regular doc that i see, what as been happening, how it started and what the ER says it is, she comes back with its just STRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! no f***ing way this is stress, i told her now im stressed, she gave me a shot of steriod in my hip with some steriod pills and a referral to a neuro(dont know date yet) told me this would make my eye not swell..lmao. Now i see how long of a road this will be for a fim Dx. just a Dx will be great. what about SSI/disability is that available for many with MS?? just curious in case i cannot work, wich right now, cant is an understatement. anyhow thinks for the writebacks ladies, i wish you could fly down and smack these people "craegivers"

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