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Might have MS
May 5, 2007
Hey everyone. I am a 19 year old male about to enter college in August. In 2004, I had a concussion playing basketball for a school team. That concussion turned into postconcussion syndrome and I had to miss about a year and half of school to let my brain heal. Fortunately, I did experience a complete healing by the grace of God, and I went back to high school and finished school in December of 2006. I am currently interning at a local church before going to college in August.

Back in January of this year after finishing school, I wanted to work hard to get in great shape in preparation for college. I began to run and lift weights, but I noticed that after working out, I would get real dizzy and I would feel a pressure in the back of my head. I at first dismissed these signs as just being out of shape, and so I pushed myself harder. The harder I pushed myself, the worse these symptoms got.

Finally in mid February, I began to experience these symptoms 24/7. I was dizzy all the time. My vision was wacky (I don't know how to describe it). I felt like the back of brain was being pulled downward all the time. I also felt weak. After fighting this for a week, I went to the doctor. I first went to an ear nose and throat doctor believing the problem as some inner ear infection. The doctor dismissed my symptoms as being a result from working out too hard and told me to see a neurologist if they continued for a couple more days. The symptoms continued and I went to a physician 2 days later. He spent 5 minutes looking at me and said I was having anxiety attacks. He didn't bother to do any MRI or brain testing. I knew that diagnosis was incorrect, so I went to see a neurologist 1 week later. The neurologist said I was just dehydrated and I should drink more water before and after working out. At that point, I was doing a little bit better (though I still had the symptoms and felt light-headed) and just gave up seeking doctor help.

A couple months after this, I went to see a new physician to get a physical for college, and I told him my symptoms (which I was still experiencing though they were not as bad when I limited my physical activity). He set me up with an MRI and a new neurologist, who I will see in early June. I took the MRI last weekend and got the results yesterday. I was told that the MRI spotted scar tissue in my brain. I wasn't sure what this was, so I looked online and found that scar tissue was just another name for lesions. I read that Multiple Sclerosis means "Many Scar Tissues."

I haven't actually met with a doctor yet to discuss what this means for me and what they believe the diagnosis is. This won't happen until June, which means I have about a month to speculate for myself what exactly the problem is. While doing my own research over the past couple months, I believe it's very possible I may have MS.

Here are some of the symptoms I've experienced:

1. Dizziness and light-headedness.
2. Extreme weakness (especially when I feel light headed and like my brain is being pulled down) which has made me afraid to even walk. I skipped going to NCAA tournament games because I was feeling weak and light-headed. I felt like I would faint if I just tried to walk from the car to the stadium.
3. My vision get very strange at times. I can see but it just seems like I'm seeing a picture of very small dots. I can't explain it really. It's just weird.
4. I've also decreased concentration and memory at times.
5. I have muscle twitches all over my body. I notice this the most when I lay down and relax. It doesn't hurt. It doesn't keep me awake. It doesn't even bother me but I do notice them.
6. I've had a white coated tongue.
7. I've felt constipated over the past few months and I can't really force out any stool unless it's right there are my rectum, and then it's diarrhea like.
8. I've leaked urine at night sometimes. I haven't fully wet the bed but some leaks out and I have a full bladder when I wake up. I also loss sensation of my bladder when lifting anything heavy. I.e. I'll feel a full bladder but don't feel it anymore once i lift something. I'll occasionally leak some urine when lifting or running (which I've stopped doing now).
9. I get cold hands and feet very often. Sometimes they get that numbing sensation.

I've also read some other posts on this forum and other MS forums, and so far I've seen that 100% of people with MS had some sort of head trauma earlier in their life. I've been hit in the head a few times playing sports, the worst of which was 3 years ago when I got postconcussion syndrome.

Another thing to note is that my MRI from March of 2004 showed up completely normal. There wasn't any scar tissue then. Now the doctor is saying I have scar tissue. I don't know how much or where, but apparently I have some now.

Over the past few months, these symptoms kid of come in waves, especially if I physically work hard. Strenuous physical activity seems to trigger these "attacks" and it takes several weeks for these symptoms to diminish, but the more attacks I have, the more the symptoms stay with me even when I'm not being "attacked" by them all at once and with much more intensity.

Right now, I feel very weak and it's a struggle just to walk. I don't have any confidence right now in my ability to walk any long distance of stand up for an extended period of time. The longer I stand on my feet, it seems like gravity just kind of "lets go" of my feet and legs and they begin to feel weightless. My brain also feels sore right it's bruised or something and needs some time of rest to heal. It was also 90 degrees a couple days ago and I was working at the church began to feel out of breath and extremely weak just sitting down.

I have a busy summer planned with lots of traveling and then of course starting college in the fall. I'm moving several hundred miles away from home for college.

My question is does this sound like MS? If so, what can I do to get it under control before seeing the doctor a month from now? My symptoms do seem to get slowly (very slowly) better with extended rest, but how much rest is too much rest? How can I do any exercise when it seemingly aggravates my symptoms.

I'm still mentally capable of doing college work. I still read and do work for this church I'm interning at, but what concerns me the most (if I have these symptoms in college) is walking to classes and my ability to have a social life. I'm going to school is New England so if hot weather provokes these symptoms, then I should be ok with that for most of the year.

Thanks for reading and I'll appreciate any comments or advice.

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