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I was hurt very badly by a chiropractor in 1991. He twisted my neck twice without support and crack all the bones down my back. I have my right hip bone pops out of place. He missed the axis twice and hit the mastoid instead. I ended up in ER with severe cervical sprain to neck and occipital neuralgia.

I since then had strange symptoms happen. I was dx with fibro in 1992 and TMJ from my jaw being knocked out of alignment by chiro. I was already disabled by 1993. In 1994 I was dx ME/CFS and granted SSD benefits. In 12/06 I was dx with MS with weakness in legs and double vision, I have bladder incontinence (no sensation when filling) and bowel incontinence (no sensation) (started 9 years ago which I didnt' tell the doctor except a GI in 2000 and he didn't say much or do anything).

In physical therapy I noticed I am having trouble while laying flat trying to sit staight up as part of evalution tests. I could only get shoulders and head off table. I think maybe 3 inches. I was surprised by that. It is three months later and now experience back problems. Pains runs down my spinal column, pain in shoulders, (feels like in the bones) pain in my legs (started first in thigh as sharp pains) down to feet with numbness and burning sensation, heat, intense tingling. My bottom last night was numb. I have no reflexes sometimes or hypoactive reflexes. I can't stand very long without my middle and low back hurting besides loss of balance and dizziness. I have to lay down on bed to get some relief.

Two days ago I could just lift and hold my head up from laying down which is much less than 3 months ago. Today, I can't hold my head up. I am struggling to get my head to lift and my head goes back down.

What is going on? Is in my neck, my back. I don't think this is all MS. What happens when I can't lift my head at all what happens next? Should I be concern about this or am I over reacting?

I know you are not doctors but maybe you experience something similar or know of a similar sitution.

Thank you for your help.


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