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whoa...slow down and catch your breath. First things first. If this is a regular Neruo, your not going to get definitive answers about anything tomororw. THey should be taking a really comprehensive history. SO, Make sure you have everything written down. When your symptoms started, how long each one lasted...did you take anything for the symtoms? Did it help? What symtoms came long did they last....yada yada. The more you have written down AND YOU READ TO THE NURSE TAKING THE HISTORY, the easier it will be for them, they are looking for patterns. If you have had any blood work, or tests done and can get copies of reports, bring them. if you cant, prepare yourself that testing will start soon!

There are certain things that will give the doc an idea that you might be leaning towards or definately away from MS...but as a neuro, he has a host of other options to examine. To do this, he will give you an inoffice test..this is painless, and includes checking your reaction times when touching certain things like your feet...the old hammering on the knee to see the reaction, following his finger with your eyes, to check peripheral vision and see if pain is involved in doing so. He might ask you to walk....he might ask you to walk as far as you can down a hallway to see if there is apparently balance issues, and also wach your ankles. He might have you do the standard DUI test, walking heel to toe and touching your finger to your nose and then to the outside....all of this is coordination related..and all of it painless. IF NONE OF this takes place, find yourself another Neuro!!

99% of MS patients never get hosptialized. SO, the chances of you being admitted are very slim, unless you are having such incredible pain that they want to admit you to start you on Steroids ASAP. Most times, if this is the case, they somtimes admit you for a day or two, whle they straighten out your insurance, then, when the insurance permits, take you home to finish out the steroid round (5 days total) however, you have to be in really bad shape for this to be considered....MRIs can be done in hosptials and in free standing radiology buildings...depending on your insurance, the doc will probably give you the script to get it done and tell you to schedule it. He might talk about blood work, again, outpatient, he might talk about a Lumbar Puncture or Spinal Tap....most docs wont even start thinking about doing that until they get the MRI results, and when they do it, it takes 1/2 hour-done in the SPU (short procedure unit) of a local hopsital and defiantely out patient! The last thing they might check for is evoked potential or nerve conductive test, even eye tests..none of them are a big deal, most would have to be scheduled, and all are outpatient.
SO, dont sweat it....unforuatnely, the waiting is the hardest part (big Tom Petty Fan) but its true. You have to wait and see. IF the doc really does think it IS MS, and you are not entirely comfortable with this, ask for a referral to an MS Specialist for another opinoin- ask this neuro to make the appt for you; otherwise you will wait 6 more months to see a specialist..mine made the call for me and I was in the next morning, talking about medication choices within 24 hours and dx conclusively within 16 hours!

I have absoutely never heard of skin legions with MS, although its common in Lupus..many drugs, especially anti-seziure drugs (given for nerve pain) have given me a skin rash, and Ive had to discontinue use....but personally, after a year of being on this board, and MS support groups and myself, personally, I have never heard of skin legions in respect to MS directly....please correct me if IM wrong (anyone, anyone).
I know youre scared, and you have every right to be....however, this is great- youre on the way to a dx, and until you know what is wrong with you, you cant start helping, please keeep us posted.

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