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Re: KTMorra
Jun 22, 2007
I saw Dr. Lanoue and it DID NOT go well at all. He walked in as if he was completely disinterested, body language wise (if you know what I mean). My huband was with me and for this I am glad. Dr. L said (first comments) "You are on a lot of drugs (Rx for epilepsy, low BP/orthostatic hypotension, thyroid, anti-inflams for ankles, allergy pill, neurogenic bladder and esophagus neurogenic dismotility). He told me to lift against him while he asked what was the crutches for and what were the braces for (I have had 2 ankle surgeries on ankle this last year as I lost my balance and destroyed the ankle). I told him the OS ordered it and he said to get on the table. He did the follow my finger, flash light at eyes and touch nose to his finger. Then he said walk (I was off but better than a month ago).

Get this- he did not even ask about my symptoms. He asked about my urinary and bowel habits, and do I drink. Michael offerd the list of symptoms my PCP had me write to give Lanoue and he said he didn't want it. I sat there confused... do you want to know what is bothering me? Not necessary. "Where do you live?" He had no clue where Kempsville area was or Lynhaven/Kempsville/Indian River rd was. He asked what I did to earn a paycheck (Hell, I am on Medicare). I said I was a housewife.

M asked if he thought this was MS and he said "You don't have MS" Michael asked if he wanted to ee the brain and Cspine MRI and he said he didn't neeed to look at them as he would expect to see a dozens of spots. He said my PT was no good and they didn't know what they were doing as he never heard of them. He asked who my Psychiatrist was and what anxiety meds I was on. (No shrink and no meds).

He said (hold on and sit now) "Housewives can't handle stress and you need to stop making this up and causing this" You need anxiety and depression drugs. I think you should see a psychiatrist" I want you to go to the balance PT at the balance center (which I found out he is a part owner of). You have nystagmus and some labs are off (sodium and potassium, etc).

We told him that my PCP wanted him to call him while I ws there and offered his card. He said he'll send a letter. Michael and I told him that PCP specifically wanted to talk to him while I was in the exam room. He said his time was "valuable" and he would think about calling him (yeah, right)
I also was told I don't need to keep the appt w/Williams as I don't need a neuro, I need a shrink.

I left almost in tears. The entire time he spent with us was literally <10 minutes. He didn't even say good bye , questions etc. He just stood up and left.

Now that I have had 48 hours I am angry at being dismissed and "labeled" as a hysterical housewife. I know something real is going on and I am not making this all up. How can I fake sweling, nystagmus, bad labs, lesion on brain, tremor, bad emg (1 was bad the other was ok), vsculitis, etc??? If I am fine then why does he want me to leave my PT and go to the one near DePaul? I just want to scream and cry at the same time. I swear I will not ever go back to that practice agfain as I am furious about the entire day (long wait, left in room forever, bad MD manners, etc)

Now what do I do> I feel like a million piles of crap and don't know where to turn next. This practice is supossed to be very good. Help me help myself please

sorry so long, but it all just came pouring out. It makes me feel a bit better just "spilling it".

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