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I had a LP test last Monday. I called the Dr office that ordered it on Monday (1 wk later). They didn't return my call. Today, I called back and explained the situation and was promised that a nurse would call me back. Nothing.

How long does it take. My PCP has told me that I can get copies of any of my file I want, but I tried that about a month ago, just wanted a copy of two blood lab results. Still waiting on them. I susposedly had lyme disease 20 yrs ago and the blood test and LP would show if I still have lyme or if it is MS.

Should I continue to be patient? I have the results of my MRI brain scan and it says I meet the McDonald Criteria for MS. I would like to talk with someone about the LP results. But I think I will just call them and ask for the Office Manager, explain the situation and ask for all records to be copied and faxed or mailed to me.

Am I being fair, unfair. Any better way to handle it. I have appt with MS specialist in 3 weeks and need these records. I would not assume they would send them, even if they indicate they would.

I'm one of those that have been having symptoms for about 15 yrs or more. My first symptom was pins and needle numbness in face and down lt arm. This continued off and on for many years. Then about 5 yrs ago, I began having some eye problems. More new symptoms and the old ones seem to be a bigger problem than in the past. Now can look back and see so many symptoms that could be MS symptoms.

Trying not to jump to conclusions, but my symptoms are getting worse and lasting longer and more frequent. I need to get to the bottom of this.

Any thoughts or suggestions, appreciated.

You sound scared. First of all, dont be. Even if it is MS, youre not in this alone, and you have tons of support right here, and think of it this way, with a positive DX, you can start meds, which will help control the symptoms! :)
I do not have any OBands either....and do have a positive MS dx (on Rebif for 10 months now) and am doing great. I had over 50 legions at the time of my first MRI, and in the past year, have not had anymore (yeah Rebif) and nothing showed with contrast last time.....

Now, does it sound like MS?? Cant tell you. Its not fair for any of us to tell you could be. It might not be. THere are so many diseases which also cause legions and scar tissue, so many diseases which mimic MS....the idea is to rule out the rest and leave MS to show itself...most diseases can be tested for, MS cant be..therefore, when you rule out everything else....theres only one thing left, especially if you meet the criteria...

Now, you say you have an appt with a neuro/ms on June that a MS Specialist? IF so, keep it. No matter what. Im not sure what kind of Neuro he sent your results to, but you know what? Keep that one too. Just as long as you have what you need to take to YOUR doctor appt, one more interpretation and possible evaluation isnt going to hurt you. MS specialists are hard to get appts with, if thats who your appt is on June 3, by all means, keep that appt. Find out from your doctor why and to whom he sent your results to....if he is a general NEuro, you might want to keep him around too, because if it IS MS, you want all the docs who are capable of treating MS issues on your side, in case of an emergency. Trust me. I have a Neuro and an MS specialist, and Ive needed them both. The neuro handles my Rebif, and my blood work, the MS specialist talks to me about the latest changes and hopes with MS..and he answers my very specific MS questions which the Neuro is less knowledgeable of....please keep us posted....and try not to stress over matter what, it took you years to get to this point, nothign is going to change for you overnight and the best case scenario is they find out what it is, so they can start controlling it.
Hugs to you.

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