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[QUOTE=zandvoort;3022369]Hi klc- ABSOLUTELY! on the facial numbness. My lips were numb on and off for about 3 weeks then it crept up my face to my forehead and major pain in my ears one afternoon. It was really scary! Face has been numb ever since with pressure in head and ears- 8 months. A couple months after that my yongue went numb. Things taste kind of funny sometimes- bitter and fizzy. I do not have a dx.
As you say, different with everybody but I know how nice it is to know you are not alone. I also have blurred vision about 5-10 feet depth. My legs and arms are similar weakness levels. It is one of the things that makes me think it may NOT be MS- too systemic. If lesions were causing my problems, they would have to be [B]everywhere[/B]!LOL!
One more thing- the most painful part of my body is what I have been using. So, If I have been walking, my legs hurt most. If typing, my arms, etc. does that happen to you?

Good luck on your dx journey- I start my 3rd Neuro tomorrow. Hope he's a keeper!:)[/QUOTE]

Thanks, it is nice knowing I'm not alone.... my numbness jumps around from all the places I mentioned.... I also have numbness that jumps around my entire body but I was a little worried about the facial numbness... sometimes if my lips are numb... I have an even harder time speaking, it can be really scary when you are geniunely trying to talk and can't.... as for the pain being worse when something is being used more... my legs will hurt more than they normally already do if I've done something but my other muscles seem to follow that.... it almost feels like I have worked out and I'm aching all over (mainly arms, hands, feet, back and legs hurt the most severe) so it doesn't really stick to the one part... it seems like just the exertion itself effects everything.... because I get hot and feel that I need to stop or I will pass out.... lol... sorry for the dramatics but that is how it is sometimes, anytime I'm in a flare....


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