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[QUOTE=zandvoort;3023053]Hi klc-

The sx you described about just working out....Does it feel like that lactic acid burn you get when you over-work your muscles? I describe it like that to my docs and it really seems to explain to them how I feel. Weak, shaky, burning. But, add a sunburn on top of that cause my skin burns too and when I am really bad, add an ache in my bones. For me, the lactic acid burn feeling is a 24x7 thing. Sometimes worse than others though. Especially at night. 2-3 am is the worst which is weird cause I am not using the muscles! How can muscles hurt the most when you are not using them????LOL:dizzy:

Does that sound like what you are experiencing?

I used to swim 3x a week but had to stop because I cannot make it from one side of the pool to the other without my body just shutting down- cannot kick one more time. Now I do yoga- it helps with the balance and since it works with gravity, does not take much energy. If you are having trouble exercising, you may want to try it. I use Yoga Zone DVDs because they are 20 minute segments and they show beginner and intermediate poses at the same time so you can kind of customize your program.

Good luck on the MRI on Friday!:wave:[/QUOTE]

Well, I don't really get the burning.... I just have like a throbbing pain down to the bone.... the only burning sensation I get is usually in my feet if I've worked them to hard.... thanks for the good luck wish.... I hope you find your diagnosis soon as well!!!

God Bless!!


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