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[QUOTE=klc23mom;3023760]Thanks, I'm a big time researcher... I always have been and since I'm just getting started on the diagnosis journey and I have not seen a neuro yet, I didn't know this.... I thought it could be helpful...[/QUOTE]

I have Pernicious Anemia. Please read on for my sojourn to a dx...
I have been on disability for over a year due to balance, extreme fatigue, strabismus, and general visual pain/problems. My symptoms started out as text book Meniere's Disease, having a focus on the inner ear. After a couple months, my nerve related symptoms, and extreme difficulties with cognitive, memory, dexterity, numbness, pain in extremities, twitching (toes, fingers, and facial), dropping things and general spasms throughout my body shifted my focus to neurological disorders. Neither the first and second neurologist I saw did a test for B12 deficiencies initially. The second neuro sent me immediately for Neuro-psychological testing that showed significant deficits in memory, IQ, focus, short-term memory, dexterity. The Neuro-Psychologist stated that he felt that he was confident this was a neurological disorder (central cortex I believe he said), and reported that back to the ordering Neuro for further work-ups. He ordered MRI with and without contrast of the brain orbit, the evoked response, and both came back "negative". Only after telling my neuro about my constant diarrhea, did he order the B12 blood test. [B]I do in fact have Pernicious Anemia. [/B]
My problem is, that due to my multitude of complaints, diabetes, and multiple back surgeries, doctors are inundated by the symptoms, and are immediately skeptical as a result. Due to the massive amount of pain and nerve related symptoms, and Peripheral Neuropathy assumptions, I passed a kidney stone (2 mm in size, which is fairly large) while all the while the associated pain was being lumped in with all my other pains as symptomatic of the neuropathy, or possibly the patient is just psychosomatic. Now with multiple reports showing marked cognitive impairment, loss of dexterity, Pernicious Anemia, and a left eye that wanders out so much that I cannot see to drive (even if I could remember where I am going, and how to get there), my neurologist is still clearly skeptical. :mad:
What exactly must a person do to get Doctors beyond this sort of psychological biased view of patients with such a long list of symptoms, and prove to them that your not a psych case?
I have asked repeatedly for a spinal tap, since the plaque, that would be indicative of MS is not present. I have read that the cell destruction from the myelin destruction would be evident in the fluid. The neuro says if you insist on wanting that, you'll need to get another doctor to do it. I was floored by such an adamant and unqualified stand. I therefore seem to have the opposite problem of others who need a non-MS Neuro, as mine really seems to want this to be strictly a Pernicious Anemia problem, and doesn't want to look further until a 6 month period of taking 1000 mcg doses of B12, to see it's effect. I feel that the symptoms of MS and PA are too close to ignore the possibility that both are possible, and therefore worthy of a greater scrutiny, in parallel.

I am so frustrated, and scared, as I sometimes wake up in my easy chair, with both arms laying flat on the arms of the chair, and both are completely asleep, ie. completely numb. This has happened on numerous occassions.

I apologize in advance for this lengthy post. It's my first. I am comforted just by your collective presence here. My research, when I can see and think is the only thing that comforts me that [I]someone (ME)[/I]is researching my problem, as it's clear my Dr.s thus far are in a wait and see mode.:rolleyes:

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