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Getting in for a two week appointment is a miracle with my neurologist, so I'm making a list of my symptoms and when they present and such. I did this when I originally saw in 2 years ago. And as I compile this list I am seeing the familiarity of my symptoms then and now. :confused: Does that sentence make sense? I'm sort of fog headed right now.

Anyway, here is the list thus far. I'm hoping I won't have anything else to add to it by June 18th.

Beginning of March right upper thigh, on top, burning sensation. Lasted a little over one day and was intermittent.

May 11th Episodes of vertigo. Lasted apx. 9 hours.

May 28th Leg weakness and stiffness effecting right leg. Primarily noticed in the evening after bath. Pin and needles felt from thigh down on right leg and on right side of face. Fatigue also noted.
May 29th Legs begin having episodes of pain. Facial tingling moves from just near jaw and ear to encompass right eye. Muscles around eye feel twitchy and eye keeps trying to close itself. Very tired.
May 30th Leg symptoms continue along with new weakness in right arm. Leg twitching while falling asleep. Notice decreased sense of temperature in right hand. Forgot co-workers name while talking with another co-worker. Very tired.
May 31st Legs appear much stronger. Tingling is gone. Arm is still weak. Facial tingling is still persistent. Tired. Leg twitches when falling asleep left leg only.

June 3rd Leg pain and stiffness starting around 4:00 p.m. Arm weakness and pain.
June 4th Leg pain and stiffness persist. Arm still weak and painful. Tingling in my back. Hand jerking happened 5 times within an hour period and then subsided. Eye twitching on right side in the afternoon and early evening (apx. 4 hours in duration).
June 5th Leg pain gone and weakness is almost gone. Legs feel restless and need moved often, so does right arm and hand. Arm pain and weakness continue.

I don't know if this will help him, but I don't care! The Rheumy I saw 2 yrs. ago tested for RA and Lyme both were negative. She then said it sounded like MS and called to have my neuro appointment moved up. Neuro was concerned it might be MS but wasn't sure because accoring to him "MS flares effect different areas each time." I took this to me it wouldn't pop up in my legs in row like it is now. :confused: Yet, from reading on here and other personal accounts, it seems like it can affect the same system or limb twice, and even more times than that! I'm confused!

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