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[QUOTE=froggyfog;3027719]Have you ever heard of someone having lesions in their spine but not their brain??? Could a person have symptoms and no lesions be present and spinal fluid be clear????


Hi Froggy

I am that someone. My head MRI is clear, I have several lesions on my C-spine and T-spine and have had 3 spinal taps all 3 came back basically clear. Increase in white cells I think with the last one. I also have recurrent optic neuritis. My Neuro sent me to another specialist who deals with patients that have another disorder called Devic's disease. It mimics MS in symptoms in many ways but the major difference is the placement and size of the lesions. The brain is usually clear. The specialist did the usual neurological exam, looked at my MRI's and blood work and concluded that the lesions weren't the right shape for Devic's but I definitely had MS. Just atypical presentation of MS lesions is what he said.

You may want to mention this to your husband's Neuro, it is a rare disease and there arent a lot of studies out there on it.

Hope this helps
Best of luck to both of you

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