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New here and not yet diagnosed. Due to have MRI soon, but have lots of symptoms including terrible weakness on right hand side, completely numb middle of back from spine out to right flank and tingling in left foot when I bend my kneck forward, plus crawling feelings on my skin, etc. However, my most annoying weird symptom is a sensation in my throat which feels like sometimes I have an obstacle in my throat and at other times my throat on the right side feels paralysed. I also have shocking reflux. Sometimes I feel like I am either going mad with hypochondia or that I will simply drop dead at the tender age of 38. Has anyone else got throat problems too? The doctor looked really concerned when I told him about the buzzing when I bend my head. Is there any other disease other than MS that gives the L'Hermittes sign? My back has been numb for 12 years with intermittent "burning" but I ignored it and it really has only been the recent weakness that has sent me to the doctors. I have coped with the reflux for 2 years already. That is my story in a nutshell. Can anyone give me any clues as to what might be happening?:confused:
Anniebooboo, I'm replying to a question you asked in another thread, about L'Hermitte's and buzzing.

A couple of years ago I very suddenly developed L'Hermitte's. Over the course of about a month it got VERY bad. The worst part of it was the constant, pulsing vibration in my lower back. At first I kept answering my cell phone, but it wasn't ringing. Eventually I felt as if a cat's purr had taken up residence in my spine. It never caused pain, but it kept me awake at night and made me pretty irritable!

So I started searching the web. You might imagine the things that popped up when I searched for "vibrating sensation in spine" - but it did lead me to L'Hermitte's, and also to this board.

Yes, there are things other than MS that can cause it, but MS is the most common cause. It is also (statistically) relatively common in MS patients.

FYI, my MRIs showed no c-spine lesions, nothing at all wrong with my spine. I only have brain lesions.

Whatever the cause is for you I hope it will encourage you to know that it almost completely went away for me after about 6 months. I do still have L'Hermitte's, but it is so minor I don't notice it unless I specifically check for it by bending my neck forward.

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