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Re: Buckling knee
Jul 2, 2007
[QUOTE=Bearygood;3031247]Lower back pain could be due to compression on a nerve on your spine and not MS related. In terms of the knee buckling, really hard to say. It could be possible from your brain not communicating with that body part but again, unto itself wouldn't necessarily be an MS symptom. Years ago when I was getting into a cab, my knee buckled out from under me for no apparent reason and I sprained a ligament. In retrospect, was this MS? Hard to know for sure but it's possible it was just plain old stress and how I was getting into the cab.[/QUOTE]

I have the same symptoms including lower back pain which usually is at its worst when i wake in the morning that could be 5 am and the only relief i get is to get out of bed the day is long enough when u cant walk i am going to try acupuncture on my back hope it might relieve pain:angel:

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