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I've had 2 MRIs, it has revealed lesions on the brain. The headache part is confined to one area of the right frontal lobe. The doctors are confused because how could one side be numb and tingle and the other side have pain. Problem I've got now is that my head is swollen in the temple and forehead areas and I can't walk very well. So they keep telling me that I confuse them because you have all the symptoms of one thing, they test for it, and it comes back negative. I've been going to the Neurologist for the past 6 months. She gives me drugs and then turns me loose. I'm tired of going to doctors and getting no where. Things just keep getting worse and not better every time I call them, it feels like I am nagging them. But no one is doing anything and I don't think it is just going to go away. I'm no longer seeing very well anymore and the headache just seems to be getting worse. I thought I would ask if anyone has had this problem and what I can possibly do about it since nothing else seems to be working.

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