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Hi- I was wondering if any of you have buzzing/electric like feeling in your feet after you exercise? I find that whenever I go on the bike for more than 30 min, as soon as I get off, my feet start to buzz and as if electric is being zapped through my feet. It dosen't last that long, no more than 5 minutes or so. I'm fine after I walk it off.


Julia, (still trying to hang in there)
julia :wave:

one of my many first sx's was buzzing, vibrating, or tingling in my legs and feet after exercising. i am currently undx'd at this point, but doc is 95% sure its MS, but we are waiting to do another brain MRI in Nov as all my MRIs have been clear as well as my LP and he has ruled out all other things through bloodwork. i am usually very weak and fatigued after exercising as well as shakey.

just wanted to let you know you are not alone and you will probably find alot of people on here who experience this too.

are you dx'd with MS or are you in the "waiting game"?

take care and keep on hanging in there


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