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Re: Numbness.......
Jun 20, 2007
Yes! I do all the time, in fact that is my only symptom right now. I wake up and something is always numb, usually my arm. I used to think it was just the way I slept, but I get it during the day sometimes too and it seems different than just having your arm fall asleep(takes longer to "wake up" also!). I went for my yearly check up last week and my neuro said that along with the tingling spastic numbness I feel is something that I am just going to have to live with. Its not painful just more of a nuisance than anything, but I can handle it as long as I am not in pain. Hope this helps.
Re: Numbness.......
Jun 20, 2007
My numbness is mostly on my left side. It started in my hand and lower arm, then over a period of a few days moved to my leg and foot. A few months later it moved to my right foot. The numbness/tingling all started in Feb. (along with other symptoms...This was my 2nd 'big' "episode" (still not dx with ms...more test results are coming) and recurs off and on. The MS specialist found that my left side also had diminished reflexes.

Does anyone also have shooting pain along with the numbness? My left foot gets so painful that I can hardly walk. It is esp. bad in the early AM. It feels like someone has a clamp on my ankle. I will also get shooting pains in my legs.

Who knows what I am dealing with... I am still awaiting MRI results from my spine. Brain scan was clear.

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