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Hello everyone,

This is my first time posting to the board and I am new to this whole thing, but I am at my end with the doctors and they are making me feel like I am the crazy one.

I was encouraged by those around me to go when they saw daily what was going on, I objected to going because I knew the doctor would tell me it was stress or all in my head.. at anyrate I just wanted to say that as an introduction.

About me: I am a 28 year old female and started having some bizarre things happen to me at around the age of 20 during the summer in california, I had moved to Oklahoma for 3 years which is know to be humid and hot and some of the symptoms got worse for example I was very active and in shape but for some reason no matter how much I would slow down the pain in my legs got worse and worse, I wrote it off but thought maybe I was just over doing it.

over the last 8 months I have gone to the doctor and the only thing they could come up with was Fibromaylgia and are sending me to a neurologist on thursday but the MRI without contrast was normal so I dont think there is much he will or can do.

My symptoms seem to get worse with heat or when I am tired and they are:

*crawling skin- usually in my back from my shoulder blade and up my neck, however about 40% of the time its in my upper arms and fingers and my legs,feet and abdomen.
*Dizziness-which lasted a month and disappeared just as suddenly
*concentration and memory problems- I have always had a photographic memory and been extremly focused
*my spelling has gotten even worse
*leg pain that feels like my legs are burning and are stiff- I have had to use a wheelchair 2 days last week because I could hardly walk
*balance-huge issue here, I could be standing talking to someone and for no reason lose my balance and fall against something, I cant even walk straight most people think I am drunk
*slurred speech and trouble getting a sentence together-again very odd for me
*alot of vision problems in my right eye especially-sometimes with a very sharp pain- however the doctor ruled out cataracts and I think ruled out optic neuritis, he couldnt find any reason for the double vision or the blurred/hazy vision that will sometimes last weeks.
*pins and needles in arms and legs and the bottom of my feet, as well as a burning sensation and it feels like my big toes are numb.
*numbness in the right side of my face and tongue
*this wierd heaviness in the heat from my lower back to my feet and it feels like I have 200 pounds on my shoulders and my legs bounce, its a very sickening feeling, but I have only noticed it in humid and hot weather
* to many other little things going on and I am already taking up to much time.

the doctors have ruled out lyme, lupus, thyroid, cancer, diabetes, clogged arteries, brain tumor, stroke and I am not sure what else, I have been through so many test, especially to figure out the balance and numbness.

I know the doctors were looking at MS as a possiablity, but the MRI without contrast came back normal and so did the Eye exam, the eye doctor told me it would be very very rare for optic neuritis to be hiding so well that he couldnt see it.

so my question is could this all just be Fibromayalgia and really bad allergies? I am ready to quite going to the doctor since I am getting nothing. A family member did tell me that not everything shows up on an MRI and maybe in the early stages of a disease nothing would show up yet, however I have had these symptoms for about 8 years and they have gotten worse and more intense over the last 2 years.

I am sorry this is so long, I just didnt want to miss anything, and I am pretty sure I forgot something.. I have been told to request a spinal tap at the neurologist, but I dont think he will do it and I dont really know if there is a reason to when the MRI without contrast came back normal, and if it was MS wouldnt it show up even if it was just in my spine?

thanks all for reading and I will try to make my next post much shorter ;)


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