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Hello out there,

I had an MRI for my symptoms of tremors/dystonia, ptsosis, blephospasms & my neuro said it was "ok". I didnt' get to read the report but I will take the good news. He said it's not unusal to have these symptoms & not have a dx. Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on that? I'm seeing my neck/spine doctor tomorrow as my right arm from the shoulder to fingertips has started to go numb. Lots of heaviness with tingling sensation. I had an mri of my cervical spine last March due to neck & right arm pain. That report said disk osteophytecomplex and facet spondylosis c5-c6 level with high grade right & left neuroforaminal narrowing. Mild flattening of the cord.C6-C7 a disk osteophyte complex is appreciated. Facet spondylosis and moderate bilateral neuroformainal narrowing is noted. Small disk protrusion also causes focal right lateral something stenosis....So not really understanding what all of the above means other than pain does someone who may have had similar mri results know if this can cause my right arm pain/numbness/tingling? Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated. I feel like an old car that needs all new parts! =:) This forum is a wonderful place to come & share, much appreciated!!:confused:
Just a few months ago, my right arm went numb, lost dexterity in my hand and lost strength.

I was dx with MS in 1993.

The first thing they did was rule out a stroke, but after an MRI of head and cervical spine, it was an exacerbation. Did IV solumedrol for 5 days, and everything gradually came back.

I can't say whether this is the same for you, but I did want to let you know that somebody else has also experienced this.
Thank you for sharing. I am seeing the doctor this afternoon and was thinking they may order some additional tests. Sounds like the IV treatment worked for you. Hope all is continuing to go well.

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