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MS is not a death sentence,what will be will be.
Alot will depend on the evoked potentials.If they come back abnormal then you may meet your neuro's criteria.Most use the McDonalds criteria a few still uses Posers.

The earlier this disease is treated the slower the progression.The choice is up to you.

Not everyone that has MS has positive LP or lesions in the C-spine.Keep in mind that MS is an individual disease.

My lesions are near the brain stem so they like to play havoc with everything lower,mainly my legs.Now you'd think it would be a spinal lesion messing with the legs.(just giving ya an example).

You can go years between relapses.I was originally Dx'd in 1998 after a back surgery,disregarded the dx and had another attack in 2004,was re Dx'd December 2006.I went 6 years between attacks.

Try not to stress,soumds like you have a good neuro!!!!
Has your doctor said he's leaning toward MS? I definitely don't think how many lesions is indicative of MS or not MS but the fact that all your other tests have come back negative would definitely have lead my neuro to not dx me with MS. He kept telling me I didn't have it. I did have several brain lesions but all other tests were normal including the VEP. I finally talked him into a spinal tap that came back positive. It was only then that my neuro would acknowledge I had MS. Like the post said before, it's a very individual disease. I think more people don't fit the criteria than do. My neuro did say though that the criteria set forth is more for research purposes and isn't very helpful in an actual diagnosis. Basically, it's just a guideline not the rule.

I have not had any symptoms since my original ones back in August 05. Been almost two years now. I sometimes tend to think maybe my dx is wrong because I feel I should be in worse shape than I am but with the tap showing the o-bands, I don't know that it could be anything else.

I wish you luck and don't get stuck into thinking it's MS because, as I'm sure you know, your symptoms could fall into many categories. If it's not MS, you don't want to miss what might really be going on.
Hi 6 and Ms Nik, I can relate to 6 here with the lesion and the feet symptoms for 7 months remission there as I have also gone through a flood of symptoms for a few months which most have subsided now with the exception of the feet behaving...which also leads me to believe my dx will be progressive. I have yet to see the Neuro..that is still 5 weeks away.
I was upset at first when the Dr told me he'd put a rush on my appt and I still ended up waiting 2 1/2 months but I do have to say I'm glad now that I didn't rush in there since my symptoms have subsided now and I cringe to think what meds or treatment I may have been put on at that time as now it would more than likely be overkill. Not to say meds wouldn't be lowered or even changed but glad to not have taken them and avoided side effects and flu like symptoms. I must say though that I had a positive attitude in the beginning and try to continue it however I wonder about it but that's only natural..It's a very confusing disease, I still have not been officially dx'd yet...just the MRI of the brain which did show lesions and the referral to the MS Society...I do know people that have not met the McDondald Criteria and that is also scary as they have the lesions and symptoms but can't get treatment because of that criteria...this bothers me.
Anyway, we all take this life changing news differently, just as different as the symptoms happen upon us...not all of us are strong or willing to accept it and need longer hand holding with constant reassurance of a positive outcome even if it means some have to resort to wheel chairs..that's not such a horrible thing either but more of an inconvenience.
Good luck 6 paq and I do hope you get your answers soon now..I agree with Ms Nik though that there are hundreds of worse things that we could have and it's not always such a horrible thing...for the majority it's controlled and maintained with proper care. Hang on and learn as much as you can but more attention to your symptoms...document them because they can come and go or not return for years. The hard part for me was writing them all down, LOL, I didn't even want to see it all in black and white but I did it the other day finally and will give a copy to the neuro for my the meantime I wish for you to discover some positive thoughts and a strong will to carry's not always easy but it will get easier and the more you understand about all of this which is very difficult since it is a mystery disease but it's your body..your body tells you more than any Dr can so if you focus on anything right now focus on what is happening to you and tell yourself often that you are strong and you can fight this and you will but you have to put yourself in the right mental stage/frame to begin a healthier thinking, negative thinking is just will effect you much more in a negative way if you don't get off that track...just my opinion but it's helping me to put one foot in front of the other when they simply don't want to go. Good Luck and you're not alone.

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