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[QUOTE=bella67;3086740]Honestly CJ, I'm the last person to be answering this one because I'm a DD , and if i don't have my underwire there WILL be a national But, I did see online that they have those silicone cups that have no straps. I don't know if it's suction or tape that's holding the puppies up, but you can look into Another idea is maybe you can get a tube top and wear it underneath? Not much support, but way more comfortable than a bra strap.[/QUOTE]

Bella you have me ROFL! I too am concerned about causing a national incident which is why I asked. And we have gotten company here at the house and I've been going without and its kind of embarrassing when people come over becauise I have to cross my arms over my chest and flee to the bedroom to change.

It's not the bra straps that are bothering me, but the bra band that goes around you and hooks. All my bras feel way to tight during this current episode and its not that they are tight. If anything, they are fairly loose. I need to buy new ones since I have lost weight and have put it off as bra buying is my least favorite thing to shop for.

The tube top thing might work. Hubby suggested maybe using an ace bandage as its kind of stretchy and we wouldn't have to wind it around too tight.

I don't know why, but just wearing one is making me really, really, uncomfortable. Wearing pants makes me uncomfortable too. Anything around my waist or chest feels like its cutting off circulation even when its not. Fortunately I happen to have some pants that are very, very loose and I can wear those without too much problem (except I have to hike them up when I walk.) I don't have many dresses, but I sure wish I did at the moment. I guess I am a top and bottom type dresser as I have skirts and shorts and pants and lots of tops, but but only 2 dresses.

To be honest, right now I wish I had some big old muu muus or shapeless house dresses and didn't have to go anywhere where I had to put on actual clothes. :)

I really feel almost "bloated", but I'm not bloated, but the feeling I'm getting is that kind of feeling. Like I have ballooned out of my skin all over my torso.
And I haven't. My measurements haven't changed, so I'm not really bloated. Just feeling that way. It's weird. But again, can't leave the house without the proper clothes, so am sticking close to home as much as possible right now I guess.

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