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Re: Hip pain
Jul 9, 2007
Ive never heard of anything even remotely close to what you are describing as MS symptoms. Please dont get upset with me, but you are describing joint pain, or even arthritis type pain...not MS symptoms. Even the MS hug, which you sort- of described, lasts minutes, not hours and not days.....
I do hope you find out what is going on with you, sounds horribly painful.
good luck.
Re: Hip pain
Jul 9, 2007
Weak hip flexors can cause this (I am going thru the same thing: ankle surgeries, hip pain esp when flexing/bending hip etc). Mine actually dislocates. My OS said MS can cause weak hip flexors and this is the result. I am working on it in PT. I may need surgery as my ball part of the joint is now torn up and acetabulum is also getting chewed up because I waited too long to get it addressed.

My OS said Yes it can be side effect of MS as in the weakness which can hit the hip region if you are having leg issues.

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