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Re: Emg
Jul 10, 2007
Hi Hope

What part of the body are they doing your EMG on? I have had a few of them and the only one that really hurt was my femoral nerve. They put needles into your muscles and measure the nerve conductivity of that area. I am not a little girl so I guess the doc had to go in a bit deeper on my thigh to get to the actual muscle than on my neck and that was uncomfortable. Not unbearable, but I was bruised for a few days afterward.

Your Neuro doesn't seem to approve of or understand the need for anything but perhaps all natural relief from pain or anxiety. If you are taking Darvocet that shouldn't increase your pain level during the test. Darvocet is one of the mildest prescription pain medication out there. I have been on pain management for quite some time now and not once did my Neuro say anything about the medication having any effect on EMG results or increased pain during the testing. If anything I would think that it would help relax you and thus decrease the pain. Just common sense speculation here I guess thats why it disagrees with what your Dippy Doc said. :p

Hope this helps, good luck

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