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Speaking of neuro's, I was leary when I was told by my Internal doctor's nurse who was making the appointment that it was going to take five weeks, but he was worth the wait. Then she said to me, he's a little quirky, but he's a very good doctor. Then I commented that to the nurse when I got in there before seeing the neuro. She seemed stressed over something falling off his desk and trying to get it back in just the right order. She looked at me like, well I guess that's a good way to put it "quirky".

Well, he came in and by the time I was done, I felt like I was interogated by a computer, the way his brain seemed to be working overtime. However, I did get him to crack a smile a couple of times and saw that there was more to him than just an excellent brain. He just kept saying, you are such a healthy person, I want to get this right and not overlook anything.

The second time out, while waiting for him to come in about my nerve conductivity test, the nurses were all in a huff because he was considering canceling his vacation set up in August. I laughingly guessed correctly that when he takes a vacation, they get a vacation.

So, after he said I did not have carpal tunnel and nothing else looked permanent yet, he then went the step closer to stating that things are looking more and more like MS and had I done my homework he gave me on the medicine. When I explained that I had done my first round with the book he gave me, and then put it down for a couple of days to go back and read again when my emotions had settled down, he was so sweet about this whole thing not being the end of the world and the fact that I was so healthy probably made me more aware of my body to pick up on the symptoms so early. He has me convinced that if we get going with this, I may beat it altogether. Regardless, I know I have someone in my corner fighting with me.

So, if he drives his employees crazy to give me what I need, this time I will be selfish and take it because I just love him!

My point during this long winded response, is that the right doctor can make a huge difference. You should not only feel confident with his findings and recommendations, but also comfortable confiding in him.

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