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Pain management does offer other options.Injections and so forth.I had injections in my back for pain block.It didn't work.For your hand botox injections may help.

I can understand the waiting on the insurance,hope your daughtrs leg is doing well now.

I have PT today and really don't feel like going,I didn't even go to the fitness center today.Its just to humid!!!!It stormed all night.I hate having to start my day off with an inhaler.

I stopped 3 of my spasm meds,I was seeing no difference,but weakness.I'll stay on the baclofen and valium.But I stopped the zanaflex,quinine and ativan.I'm sure neuro won't be happy but they cause to many side effects.

I do take my pain meds only when I have extreme pain and thats it.I don't take them every day.

You have a good work day.

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