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Hello, I have posted 2 previous queries on another board wondering if I had had a stroke - my Dr states it is unlikely - having read a few threads on here I was wondering if anyone could identify with my symptoms and do you think I am being a hypochondriac for thinking that some sound very similar to ms problems -
4 years ago total loss of balance, got out of bed and fell over, not dizzy at the time, lasted approx 2 weeks, only ever fell to the right, one brief episode of vertigo during the 2 weeks.

Dec 06 and Feb 07 vice like/crushing pain in chest area, extremely painful and unable to catch breath - no heart attack ensued - lasted approx 1min.
Heart like flutters as and when (only when im in bed).

April this year balance problem kicked in again (not as severe as 4 years ago), nerve tingling/pain all down left side of body (head to foot), painful left knee when weight bearing, weakness now in left arm/leg. Not had nerve problems before until now, most of the nerve problem has gone away (ie not as severe as it had been, still there but not as troublesome). Had a few visible muscles in the leg twitching away like a good un!

Very brief blurred vision in left eye once, eye ache, jaw ache, sensitive teeth (again only left side), mostly when tingling sensation is in left side of face.

Short term memory not great, on occasions dyslexia of the mouth (thats my term for it because I just cant get the right word out or i just mix my words up when explaining something!)

A feeling of being strangled in the throat, swallowing wasnt right, i could swallow but it just wasnt right (very hard to describe), nasal sound (no colds and no sinus problems that I have been aware of), have noticed that my uvula is deviated to the right.

Fortunately all the above has gone away (apart from aching left leg/arm/knee).

Would be interested if anyone has any ideas on the above, thanks in advance.

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