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In my quest to be rational ( no, Denying anything is wrong and trying to tell myself its all in my head or just a bad back is not working ) I was thinking over some events in the past and just had a quick ( mine are never that quick ) question.

when I was 19 I noticed one day that my vision had doubled, and with-in 3 months I started experiencing strange tingling sensations in my head and right arm, I also had such bad balance for some reason that I fell several times over nothing and had some pretty bad falls. at that point I went to a neurologist thinking maybe I was still having some seziure activity. they did a couple of test that I had never had done and it all came back normal.

the test they did was sit me infront of a tv screen with a checkerboard and also have me listen to what sounded like dolphin clicks. they didnt do any electrical test to check the nerves, and they told me at the time that the screen and sounds was just to try and induce a seziure, but everything came back normal.

does this test sound like an evoked potentials test? and what are the chances that 10 years later I wouldnt only start having those same symptoms but new ones to boot? what are the chances that this really is MS?

I know that not all the test have been done to eliminate MS, but I also want to make sure that I am going in the right direction here on what it could be.

I was told to ask for an MRI on my Brain stem and spinal cord incase the lesions were there, but my doctor doesnt feel it neccassary.

I am trying to be rational and trying to tell myself that all these symptoms and things going on are not MS and are just something else. but when I cant walk half a block without my leg going numb or without losing my balance, when my skin wont stop crawling and my vision doesnt feel right. oh also at 19 is when I first notice the appearance of "floaters" in my eyes, they have never completly gone away, but they do get alot worse at times to where my whole field of vision looks like a cobweb and then a couple weeks later their will only be a few, the vision in my right eye has a black blind spot that comes for a couple days and leaves. none of this was going on when I saw the 2nd eye doctor, the 1st eye doctor did see all the floaters but said they were normal and I was happy with her answer.

ok, so those are my questions as I am trying to be rational here and de-stressed here, and asking these questions and talking here releases the stress so that I am not holding it in and making myself feel worse. plus hearing what others have to say helps keep my in check.

thanks all


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