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Unfortunately, MRI's are a huge necessity when diagnosing MS. About 90 to 95% of people with MS show lesions either on the brain on on the spine.

The doctor will also have to do a LP (lumbar puncture) to check for a specific protein that is released into the spinal fluid. Not everyone's LP will be positive either who have MS. Also, they like to do evoked potential testing to see if what you're seeing on a screen is jiving with your brain. Not everyone who has MS fail the evoked potential testing either. Are you seeing a pattern here?

MS is very difficult to diagnose and mimics many other things. Many of your symptoms are common with MS so I would think the neurologist would have to get you in for a MRI with and without contrast of the brain and spine and start from there.

Good luck - little tip for the MRI. Don't open your eyes.

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