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Ok my Mom says Ive had middle ear problems since I was very young. I can remember waking up several times when young with vertigo. I had tubes put in at age 5 I think. In 94' i got bad sick thats when I first started having dizziness & to sleep inclined. In 99' I went to an ENT in another city(which is the idiot that put tubes in my ears when i was little.... but thats a whole nother story) so anyway in 99' I told that dr. I couldnt lay down so he did the repositioning thingee & I was worse after that, then my mom told me he was the one who put tubes in when young so I never went back to him. BTW since 94 I have seen 5 ENT's. I've had all those tests that test for inner ear disorders & they were ALL normal.

Also in 99' I developed head tremors

In 2000 I worked on a casino boat( not the little dinky ones either) this is the largest casino boat in the world) ok so I would take dramimine everyday I worked if needed. Then my dr.said try this patch. So I did & the 2nd day I kept feeling like I was falling (ya know like when u fall asleep & u feel like ur falling)?? so I kept feeling like that every couple of minutes so I called dr. & told him what was going on he said take it off. I still felt like that for several more hours but then it went away. I do feel I got worse after working on ship.

Ok since then Ive been seen by an Neuro-tologist & all tests were normal. This dr. is the one that seemed to think I had BAM (Basilar Artery Migraine) cuz I was on occasion getting head pain of some sort. Now head pain is maybe once every 1 to 3 months. He says he saw it in my left ear on the MRI.So he put me on Propranolol. I still started to decline so I went to the Mayo Clinic in late 00' . They suck!!! The ENT so my records from the neuro-tologist & said I know him & Im confident he did all the rights & they are accurate , so Mayo did NOT perform any tests except for an MRI & CT Scan, & loads of blood work which were all normal.

SO then I came home, even more frustrated than every. SO health started to decline even more, so I went to a local ENT. More ear tests all normal AGAIN. Finally I said all these dr.'s aren't giving me any answers so I quit.
In 02' went to see another neurologist he did testing (balance tests, EMG, etc...) He was looking into MS. cuz I have other symptoms as well not just dizziness. But MRI was clean. He didnt think I had BAM but maybe BIH(begnine intral cranial hypertension) but not sure. Sometimes I still get pressure in my head like its in a vice, it only lasts for a few min then goes away... Anyway I developed body swaying weakness in my right leg while walking around a track ,muscle stiffness & painful spasms,burning in arms,sharp pains in my feet,vision changes,heat intolerance,episodic vertigo lasting for at least two hours,muscle twitching,ice cold senations in small area of both legs, tingling in face,. The weakness in right leg started in 01'.

I returned to same ENT in late 04' early 05' for more ear tests and all were frikin normal again but the dr. & all the dr.'s do feel something is going on. Due to the rudeness of the tech who did the dizzy test on me I have not gone back to that dr. And Due to panic disorder I will not get another dizzy making test done , even if I never have the answer. I just CANT handle it. Ive had so many done in the past its not funny.

So here we are in 06' I went back to the the really nice ENT in town & he said you might have Meniere's (cuz I told him my great granny had awful ear problems) but he checked the old hearing tests to the one I had in 05' but there was no change I still have to get a new one done.But will soon though.

So now Ive developed right arm weakness & the neurologist I went to in Jan. gave me an order for a new MRI, but due to agoraphobia Ive developed I cant go that far to get it done, so Im kinda stuck right now!

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