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I am new here. A little over three years ago (when I was 42) I suddenly started with quite a few symptoms consistent with MS (legs and arms feeling tired/weak/tingling, pain in extremities, vision changes with left eye "pulling" to the center, double vision, memory problems, slurring of speech, lips and tongue tingling, headaches and sensitivity to bright light (I find myself squinting when watching TV). I had MRI's done then of my brain and C-spine and I was told that there were two lesions that showed up, but the radiologist didn't think they were conclusive for demyelination. After a few months, my symptoms quieted down and pretty much stayed that way until a few months ago when they suddenly came back. I have again had the above symptoms and at times my leg has given out, but luckily I haven't fallen. I mentioned these symptoms to my family doctor and she mentioned the possibility of MS and referred me to a neurologist (the neurologist I had three years ago literally flew the coop...luckily I was able to get my records)! The new neurologist did an MRI of my brain with and without contrast and the same two lesions showed up. Since there are only two, he couldn't make a definite diagnosis of MS (I would have to have 7 lesions for a definite diagnosis). He then recommended a lumbar puncture, which came back negative. All of my blood work also came back negative. I have an MRI with and without contrast last week of my cervical spine and thoracic spine. The thoracic spine was negative. The radiologist said "Subtle increased signal within the cord at C7 level. This may be on the basis of edema, demyelinization, as well as transverse myelitis." I took the films to the neurologist today for him to see them himself to try to figure out what the radiologist saw. He said he was not impressed with them and mentioned something about possibly seeing a white spot there, which would have given me a 100% diagnosis of MS. I asked him if the fact that I work from home, don't get much exercise and have a somewhat bad diet could cause these symptoms and he said it wouldn't help. I feel deep within myself that I have MS, because I know my symptoms are not normal, especially since I have been having fatigue this time around. He asked me if I wanted to get a second opinion from an MS specialist, but he said that doctor is more conservative than he is, so I chose not to. I'm tired of feeling like I'm going crazy because I can't get a diagnosis. I'm not depressed and can accept if I have MS, but I just want to know something definite one way or the other. Since I'm from NC, does anyone know if there are any MS specialists at Duke? I would appreciate any feedback anyone can give me. Since it's hard to talk to family and friends, I'm glad you are here for me to unload on.

I also forgot to mention that for the past few days I have had trouble with fine motor skills, such as getting a match out of a matchbook and lighting it. Never had this before.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

God Bless You All! :)


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