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[SIZE="4"]No those tests were not done. He just simply looked into my eyes with a lens and a very bright light, He has me look to the sides and up and down as he looked. He was telling the nurse that the Optic nerve looked healthy and pink and dosnt see that it is inflamed. I was very happy to hear that! :) Then I asked him wait ... So what is making my eyes see so blurry and making my eyes have pain? He said he didnt know and for me to have my blood sugar checked?:( well I was back to feeling helpless again.
I hope I get somewhere tomorrow while talking with my Genral Dr.
I have hand tremor really bad in both hands and that is what started this whole thing... The hand tremor and the eye sight going blurry with pain. Oh yes and being so tired all the time too. well is been 4 weeks now and 4 dr's latter and still no answers. Just allot of Co-pay $ down the drain and allot of pokeing and prading for no reason. :confused:
Lastnight my bottom lip stated burning really bad like it had a really bad sunburn. I wasnt eatting nor drinking anything it lasted about 30 min and went away. Today the left side of my face is having spasms they dont hurt just feel weird.
Oh who knows? ... more phone calls and waiting I guess.[/SIZE]

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