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Arm- Joint pain???
Jul 30, 2007
I am hoping maybe one of you can shed some light on what I believe to be another "symptom". On Saturday morning I woke up and my right arm was very sore only at my elbow and shoulder when I lifted it. I thought I slept on it funny but here I am two days later and though it is a little bit better, its still hard for me to lift it or stretch it out in any way. I have never experienced any pain with my MS, just tingling and numbness. I am waiting another day or so before I contact my neuro. Just wondering if any of you have pain like what i just described? Could it be unrelated? Also I should mention that my husband and I are trying to conceive a baby and I went off my Avonex about 11 months ago. I worry so much now since I am not on any meds, but I have basically been symptom free since I was diagnosed 2 years ago... any advice would be appreciated.

ID be hard pressed to think that joint pain, where you describe it, is MS related. I would think that you overused it, slept on it funny, or are are just having "one of those things" which will go away on its own.

Think hard, did you do anything? Bang it? Lift something? or possibly you DID sleep on it funny. There probably isnt anything anyone can tell you for sure about this..but if it continues, call your neuro and ask.

I wouldnt be overly concerned about this for now....worrying about it is going to put it foremost in your mind and cause it to feel worse! This isnt a typical MS thing....and probably isnt related.

Good luck

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