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Cindy, i am new here and same you looking for answer5s, alot of people are looking suchs as Dr.s ect. Some i know says it sounds like i may have MS symtoms ect. I have done alot of research, and alot of it says MS is like hereditart ect. Does anyone think it can be injury induced? I have looked back and thought hard over the last four years, and these are my symtoms now. Left side weakness, leg numbness heaviness, tingling, creepy crawling feelings, weakness on this side, bowel problems, , same side leg dragging ,sometimes my left arm goes numness feeling, today is a good day, but if i do too much it's worse at night, and next day/ I have looked back at myself to see what else is going on, and i have been wondering why i say my words all mised up, or forgetful alot, very intolerant to heat, like i'[m over heated, loss of balance starting and coming and going four years ago, headaches, more intense depression ect. Does any of this sound like MS? Last year when i went to PT the lady had asked me when all this starting progressing if i had ever been dx MS. All ths while i started with low left back pain on same side and hip pain and nothing showing a disc problem ect. or anything. Although i have been told it could be a nerve problem, but isn't that what MS is about is nerves? Thanks for any input anyone can give me!
Love, Monkey

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