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Symptoms of ms?
Aug 14, 2007
i need some help. i have some of the symptoms of ms that i read about but my doctor does not seem to think anything is wrong. she does general blood work and finds nothing unusual. i am 42, i do have diabetes and hbp, both of which are controlled. lately i have been having the feeling of pins and needles in my hands mainly, short dizzy spells, and electrical sensations in my head and arms, occasionally i do lose my balance, but not often. my eyesight is getting worse and i feel like i am looking through a fog alot. i am very tired all the time and just generally do not feel good. does anyone have any opinion on what may be causing these symptoms? please help
Re: Symptoms of ms?
Aug 14, 2007
Hi Gar94.
Your symptoms are so vague and could be caused by a zilllion different things. I wouldnt jump to the conclusion that they are MS related. But, if you are so concerned, I would make an appt with a Neurologist.

Autoimmune diseases such as MS cannot be picked up by a blood test. They need to be investigated further, starting with an MRI. If you can, find a Neuro in your area who sees MS patients, and also LYme patients, thats worth ruling out, too. Again, this may or may not be picked up by blood work. A regular Western Blot, which is what is done in the USA in most labs, WILL NOT pick up Lyme definatively...your blood work would have to be sent to a special Lyme Lab to be evaluated.

Short dizzy spells, eye sight getting worse, and electrical sensations are not usually MS symptoms...imbalance in general (not short dizzy spells), eye pain, such as optical neuritis (which is inflamation of the nerves of the eye) as well as a pin an needle feeling which is quite painful would be more indicative of MS. Again, cant rule out a thing, without having had a proper evaluation. It can take years to get a MS dx; in order to start the ball rolling, everything else MUSt be ruled out, and even then, it can still be a long road to dx.

Good luck and feel better.
Re: Symptoms of ms?
Aug 16, 2007
Hi Gar94-

Your symptoms are consistent with Lyme Disease (and as MSNik says, many other things). Check out the Lyme threads on this board and read Dr Burrascano's Lyme diagnosis and treatment paper on the web. It has a great list of symptoms that you can check against. Ticker always posts a great lyme symptom list as well. Just look for her posts and you'll find it easy.

As you will see, if you suspect Lyme, get ready for a long haul but it is manageable. In order to be properly diagnosed and treated you have to fins one of the FEW Lyme specialists. Most Neuros and Infectious disease people have a lot of misconceptions about Lyme.

Don't rule out Lyme if you did not have the rash (50% never do) or have a negative lyme test (Lots do) or do not live in New Engalnd. (Lyme reported in 48 states) Thise are only a sample of the myths out there.

Good luck!:)

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