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Brain MRI - report
Aug 15, 2007
I got the CD of my brain/c&t mri today........I don't have the report for my c & t because I just had it done today, but this is what my Brain MRI report says.....can anyone help me understand it? I go to the Neurologist on the 20th.

I looked at my Brain lol and it had the report on it....I cannot make heads or tails on it. Anyone know what this means? lol

The ventricles and sulci are normal in size and configuration.

There is a slight non-specific periventricular T2 prolongation.

There are 3 foci of white matter T2 prolongation noted in the frontal lobes. There are no focal enhancing lesions.

There is no hemorrhage, mass effect, or midline shift. There are no extra-axial fluid collections. There are no acute ischemic changes.

Visualized paranasal sinuses and mastoid air cells are clear.

1. No Acute Intracranial Abnormality
2. Slight Periventricular Non specific white matter


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