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Hey, I'm back. I have a question and would like a response from anyone that has been diagnosed with MS. I'm not finding anything definite in my research and was hoping for some help.

I was on previously and I know, I still need to change my name, but was hoping to not be back, but after having all the tests, I ended up being diagnosed with "sticky blood" or anticoagulant blood and started on a baby aspirin. I know the hemotologist and neuro had a long test to make the diagnosis, however my neuro stated that if I had ANY odd symptoms to give a call. Otherwise, he wanted me back in six months and we would run some more tests just to be sure their diagnosis was correct. The only symptoms I still had were fatigue and my hands and feet tingling, so he started me on a very small dose of Neurontin.

Two weeks later, my body seems to have gotten accustomed to the Neurontin and I am sleeping through my hands and feet falling asleep, thus some of my fatigue seems to be gone also. However, starting at the beginning of the week, my hip began hurting and after a short run yesterday, which usually stretches it out, I had excruciating pain, so much that I could not finish my run. It is on the outside of my hip, NOT the flexor. I find the pain intensifies when I stand and cross my feet, however this also seems to be stretching it out some. Still very painful today. I also feel that the numbness is more prevalent on my left side than my right now, the same as the hip. My arm and leg seem to be very heavy.

Any insight would be helfpul. I am just getting over the reality that I don't have MS and now the fear is creeping back in. If it continues, I will call the neuro on Monday, but was wondering about the hip pain or in general, what does an exacerbation feel like with MS?

Thanks in advance.

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