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I have had many MS symptoms for about 7-8 years now, and i was progressively getting worse with time. I started with vision problems, then i got balance issues, numb hands and feet, I eventually started to walk like i was slightly drunk, and I saw flashing lights, my memory got progressively worse, and my speech was slurred. I eventually went to see a neuro, who gave me an MRI and they found plaque on my brain. I have also been diagnosed with sleep apnea, I was given a breating machine for my sleep, which has helped me improve slightly. Since then I have made many lifestyle changes which have improved my syptoms dramatically. I have changed my diet, exercised, cut out caffeine, meditated, taken supplements and vitamins and have reduced my work hours. I have started this about a year ago, and just now am I starting to see results, for the past month or so I have been feeling rather well. I am not selling anything, I just wanna try to help others, cause I know how desperate one can feel. I AM NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR, this is just my experience. I will check this site weekly, if anyone has any questions.

My diet just basically follows, what we have been told for years, avoid trans fats, eat lots of fruits and veggies, cut out red meat, CUT OUT CAFFEINE, try to cut out as many preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavors, artificial, sweetners (ei:aspartame) and cut out sugar as much as possible.

My supplements are vitamine D 4000 UI, cod liver oil, omega 3-6-9, stable probiotics(acidophilus, rhamnosus, longum) flax seed oil.

My exercise includes weight training, aerobics and walking. ( I found the aerobics has helped the most)

Bye for now.

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