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Hello thank you so much for responding so fast! I think my anxiety has caused me to even think of ALS for the twitching..i dont really think I have that. My neurologist who specializes in MS ordered the tests..I had all of them done about a month or two ago. I have another brain/eye MRI for Oct. So I will see if anything has changed. I was nervous about the tingling feeling because its been there for almost two weeks now and I have never had anything like that before. Also.. my neurologist is absoutely terrrible..she makes me want to scream and does not answer my questions. She seems to have this speech she says..or programmed answers for what i ask.. And i also feel like she is determined to give me a MS diagnosis.. So I have called another very well known MS specialist but will not have an apt until december! Ahh!
Also...Lyme was negative in my blood..could I still have it but just have it not show up? Thank you!

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