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Hi all, I've been lurking for awhile.., I posted in the Neuropathy site, but no one replied. Anyway, I'm 31, and I've had pins and needles constant for about two weeks now. It started with a noticeable tremor in my right thumb, then throughout the next couple days, the tremor spread to my right ring finger (slightly). Then sporadic pain in my wrists and thumb pads, and stiffness in my ring fingers. Sometimes, my pins and needles are really random, I'll feel a couple in my foot, one on my stomach, then my side, my thigh, my fingers-just random, but very present. Other days, like today, I've had the pins and needles in my hands, then my feet pretty much constantly all day. I do seem to be a little shaky too, like while holding the newspaper, it's noticeable.

I did have an episode back in April, when I drank two bottles of wine myself. The next day I had severe pins and needles in my arms, hands and feet, and the parathesia lasted for about a month. I didn't go to hospital, as I couldn't afford it. I thought maybe it was toxic effect on my nerves due to all that wine. Now that I have this new batch of pins and needles (w/out drinking), along with hand pain, and tremor, so I made an appt w/ a neuro, which will be in two wks (seems like an eternity!). I have an uncle who has MS. I was wondering if many people with ms get the pins and needles all over their body-randomly? And do they itch, cause mine do? I already have other problems, like missing a portion of my kidney due to a car accident, and mvp w/ palpations. I'm scared, as I know the total body pins and needles signify a HUGE problem. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

thanks :(

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