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To cut a long story short. I had a numb foot around 9pm, thought i maybe sat on it wrong from curling my leg under. Went to bed, still numb in the morning, went to GP cause it bothered me. He suggested a Neuro, but i had to wait 1week to see him. Didn't make it cause with 2/3 days i was numb from my toes all the way to my chest. When i got out of a hot shower , i went to dry my back in that swaying motion across my shoulders. I realised i couldn't feel my back. Got straight to the Neuro, He put me into hospital. Had a MRI on brain and spine. Also had a Lumber Puncture and what felt like 1ooo liters of blood test. DX with MS.
Now on Avonex injections 1xweekly.

Well that started 7 yrs ago. Get checked out, It may just be nothing srious for you, lets hope thats your case. Do keep us posted.

Oooops did i say short story??? Sorry.

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