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Sep 6, 2007
The American Academy of Neurology publishes Neurology Now which is free to MS patients (or any diagnosed neurological disease). Their March/April 2007 issue (page 8-9) highlighted a treatment in experimental stages that uses ESTRIOL for RRMS. Researchers found that women with MS tend to have a reduction in symptoms and MS problems while they are pregnant. Estriol is a hormone produced by pregnant women.

Estriol is available in pill form, does not cause breast cancer- but may cause endometrial cancer. To lower the endometrial cancer concern the MS trial is using progesterone with the estriol. Estriol is given to women in Europe and Asia for hot flash relief.

The program is available through the UCLA MS Program. In the initial pilot study, 10 women with MS had an 80% drop in inflammatory lesions of the brain. The last I read, they were seeking 150 volunteers. Maybe too late, but for RRMS ladies, maybe there is something good right around the corner??
Re: Estriol
Sep 7, 2007
[QUOTE=MSNik;3196454]Hi MSJayhawk.
This topic comes up every single week on this board. (you proabably havent had the reason to need to search on it before!) My doctor is one of the docs doing reseach on this as well.
I saw the article which came out today thru NMSS...

I have one question: If I was on estriol for 20+ years; and was still taking it during the time of my first actual episode, and have over 50 legions on my it really possible being on Estriol helped me? I got dx on Estriol!

Am I the exception, or maybe my MS would be "so much worse" had I NOT been on estriol?
Im going off it in November...and scared to death of what is going to happen to me. I ask this question constantly, to every lecturer I can on this subject, and have NEVER gotten an answer... got an opinion?

You might have your Dr. visit with UCLA. Will it be worse for you? I do not know for sure. Because they are using progesterone, it might make a difference. Your Dr. should be able to contact UCLA MS program. The Dr. is Rhonda Voskhul, MD. She is director of the UCLA MS program.

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