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wow, thats scary, but not at all MS like....
attacks, or lesions do NOT hit all at dont feel them, in fact most lesions are there for very long periods of time doing their destruction, without us even knowing it...
this is why MS is so hard to dx and so tough to convince a doctor about our symptoms. Remember that lesions are scar tissue...the "attack" or "relapse" is when the myelin sheath is actively being destroyed- however the actual lesion may or MAY NOT show up right away....the word Multiple Scerlosis, means many scars...and thats what it is, scar tissue on the central nervous system which is interrupting the normal nerve signals.

Both of you are describing something which is definately neurological and you should both be seen by a neurologist...and as datgrlstef (great name BTW) pointed out, Lyme is very closely associated and mimics MS in many ways- however the attacks you describe arent really MS attacks of the norm....but let me also be the first to say, NO MS CASES ARE ALIKE so its still very possible that you are having symtoms of something which is MS related...time will tell ladies, but in the meantime, try not to stress over this....when you have an actual MS attack, it wont pass in a matter of seconds, nor will it come on all at once- it will be a series of things "not being right" which will start building over the period of a day, a week or anywhere in between....keep up on your MRIs and if you havent had a spinal tap or nerve conduction should be seeing a doctor to have them ordered. Some people never have a single Lesion, but still have positive Obands and nerve tests and still wind up with an MS dx..
Hugs to you all

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