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Lots of issues
Sep 24, 2007
Okay here goes, a bit of rant, a bit of rave and a whole lot of now what?!?!

I finally got a hold of my neuro and got into see him. Turns out all the symptoms were a full blown attack. All the tingling and numbness came back to my entire back, arms and hands. The more movement, the more numbness. He immediately started the 4 day treatment with solu-medrol. This in itself made me very sick. I had no energy, feel very nauseated and in general, like I just wanted to lay in bed all day long. I finished the solu-medrol last Thursday and have had not even the slightest amount of relief at all. It actually seems like the symptoms are as bad, if not worse than they were 2-3 weeks ago. The nurse giving me the IV treatments said I should have felt at least a little relief after 3 days.

This is the second time in a year I have done the solu-medrol. The first did not seem to affect me the way this dose has as for as being ill, but I did have a break between doses instead of 4 straight days.

I had 2 MRI's on Thursday without, then with contrast. I'll find out the results this week.

I'm just at a loss as to whether or not this is relapsing or progress MS. I am having trouble even walking now in the afternoon, and I'm just hoping it's the solu-medrol, and will disappear in a few weeks. At times I just have to sit down, or lean against something for a minute or two just to get my bearings. Every time I drop my chin down it's like an electric shock going through my body and I get a little off balance. Brain function...hhmmmmmmmmmm yeah, I find myself struggling to come up with words at times, or completing thoughts. I suppose, maybe, the MRI will show some plaque somewhere up there around the base of my brain and swelling in my spinal cord again.

Any help out there? I mean I get to the point that it is a major undertaking to focus to drive home.

Okay.. all done ranting and raving and I'm worn out and can't feel my fingers. I sure wish I could find the energy and time to get on here more often and read and catch up and talk more often!

Thanks for letting me vent... Keep up the good fight!

Laugh Often, Live Long, Love Much!

Re: Lots of issues
Sep 26, 2007
WEll I just got the results of my MRI's and the brain scan was good, but there was plaque/scarring around the C4 area of my spinal cord. I think we are going to try some anti-seizure medicine starting this week and see if it will help with the symptoms.

Remember Keep up the good fight!!;)

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