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Hey Gigi.
You do have it rough right now, dont you? But, I have to say, I love your attitude and your sense of humor.
First of all, MS isnt hereditary...although, immune diseases MIGHT be..they dont really know the whole story on MS...but just because your cousin has it, it doesnt increase your chances of having it overall...Secondly, fibromyalgia, although a very real disease, is also a catch all phrase for doctors who dont know how to diagnos anything else and dont truly understand nerve pain. I hate to say it, but its the first thing they come up with- and they usually stick with it. Its actually GOOD that you are moving around and seeing different doctors at this point, maybe youll get lucky and find a good one...not to say you DONT have Fibro- you very well MIGHT, but you also may have gone UNdiagnosed for years while suffereing with something else....Lyme disease is a very real disease, which really does Mimic MS in many ways...again, many doctors do a standard blood test, get a negative and rule it out...thats not smart. There is one lab, called IgeneX, you can find info on it by searching on it, or reading the Lyme board here- that particular lab does a test which is much MUCH better at finding positive LYME results, and NOT false negatives....over 90% of Western Blood tests, the standardized test done in labs across the US are negative for Lyme, when it should be positive. Igenex is the very best at getting "REAL" results...
MS, is another one which is almost as hard to dx.....MS is usually dx when all else is ruled out....there are many tests, some of which you have had which can be done..a spinal tap IS in order at this point, and how long ago was that MRI? MRIs can change weekly...but if it has been more than 6 months since your last one- considering getting someone to order you another....
Fibro is usually managed by a ruematologist, while MS is managed by a Neurologist...what kind of doctor are you currently seeing? It would be a good time to take those tests results to an MS doc, a specific Neurologist who only sees MS patients, and have him/her evaluate you again....
wishing you well.....and keep us posted.

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