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I thought I would post my story and see if anyone here could be of help with suggestions for the next course of action. I have another neuro appt in a few weeks. The Neuro I am seeing is supposed to be very familiar with MS as this was my PCP's first thought when I went to see him in march of this year.

Fell down the stairs I have no idea how it happened ...all of a sudden I was at the bottom of the stairs and in pain! (May not be related but I thought I would mention).

Severe vertigo which was nearly constant and no movement required to set it off. Settled down to mild vertigo occassionally. Brain fog with the vertigo which seems to have settled down as well.

Fatigue was unbelievable for the first 3 or 4 months but has gotten better. Have felt like my whole body is vibrating. This lasts for a short time and I have not experienced this in a couple of months.

Brain zaps(not on meds when this started) and the sensation of numbness on the right side of my face and right forearm which comes and goes. Feels like novocaine wearing off. (Still have on a daily basis some zaps are mild some are severve and very uncomfortable. Sometimes it feels like my eyes are zooming back and forth or going in circles.)

Electric shock sensation from my head down to my toes. (Only happened a couple of times over the last 7 months). I have balance problems on and off but it is really not that bad most of the time. People have commented that I sway sometimes.

Muscles/nerves jumping... facial, hip, knee, back, I have muscle spasms..charley horse in my right thigh muscle..or sometimes muscle bubbles??? I can actually see the right calf muscle bubble up and move. The soles of both feet tingle frequently.

I have also been struggling with some memory LOL just the other day I was helping my dd with home work and said lets get to the right channel.....instead of page.. I have been also finding myself struggling with names....names of people I work with on a daily basis...the name will come to me eventually but I find it weird....I'm 39 and I think it is a little early for this type of memory blip.

I have had the sensation of a shiver (like your hair standing up on end feeling) radiate out from my spine. It has recently wrapped around to my right chest area. As it was going away almost felt like pins and needles in the chest area but not on my spine or back. Same sensation has started at the back of my head and travels down into my neck in waves.

Most recently my right big toe has gone completely numb for about 24 hours twice now. The nerve/muscles jumping/spasms have started on the left leg as well. A couple of fingers on both hands have decided join in the fun by twitching for 15 seconds or so several times a day. I have experienced the shiver sensation just in my leg today and now 2 more toes on the right foot feel like there is something wrapped around them and there is nothing there.

Last but not least...earlier this week had a really bad brain zap that seemed to trigger a muscle spasm in both eyes that screwed up my vision for about 5 to 10 seconds.

I have also had a burning sensation between several toes on my left foot but have had this on and off for many years. I have always associated this with the nerve damage due to a MVA years ago.

Ruled out migraine, inner ear disorder, menegiers (sp), thyroid. All blood tests normal, CT normal, MRI mostly unremarkable, some crowding of the foramen magmum no herniation, 24 hr heart monitor rare PVC (normal), ENG/VNG nystagmus upbeat and bilateral vestibular dysfunction (probably from long hx of classic migraines), eye exam normal even though I occasionally have some blurry vision. Hx of CMT in the family.

Sorry for the long post and thank you for taking the time to read it! :-)

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