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Hi Fran. Lyme is most often detected in the spinal fluid from a spinal having the spinal is a very good idea. One of the things that is most difficult about MS is diagnosing it...having the disease is a piece of cake, compared to getting a dx!
When they dx MS, it is usually done after ruling out EVERYTHING else- and Lyme is a big one, because it mimics MS, having had the spinal tap, make sure that Lyme was also rules out brain infections, meningitis and other bacterial, it is a good test to have done.
MRIs usually detect MS, along with evoked potentials....
It is very possible, and even probable, that pregnancy masked any MS type symptoms, as MS does go into remission during pregnancy...
please keep us posted. And, believe me, if your daughter does wind up with MS, its very controllable....lots of info to be found here, and we are more than willing to answer any questions you might have. Keep us posted!

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