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Cindy, me too.Im feeling the frustration in a similar way over a totally different set of circumstances right now. My typical work week is 40 hours, usually tried to cram them into 4.5 days so that the final day is all about me catching up on bills, emails, calls to my accounts, not to mention doing 10+ loads of laundry..this morning at 5 am, before I left for work, I was dusting! Who dusts at 5 am? Me, because it hadnt been done in about 3 weeks and I was sick of looking at the mess on the bookcases! My husband is a great guy, who has absolutely NO SYMPATHY for me being exhausted. Right now, my major complaint is NO one does ANYTHING around the house to help me. For two years now, every year, on my birithday and Christmas when someone asks me what I want, I say a cleaning lady to come every two weeks....apparently no one is taking that seriously, cuz it still hasnt happened!
Currently, my stepchildren are here, more than they are at their one daughter lives with us ( I adopeted her two years ago) she is basicallly lazy (and 17 years old), but she is doing more complaining about things NOT being done, which she COULD BE DOING then anything else..on top of everything else, she is now saying she wnts to move back in with her "real mother". (thats me by the way, she emancipated herself 2 years ago)...
Im losing my mind fighting with the world on why I cant handle this anymore...its the old "but you look fine, so you must be fine" thing...Im tired of looking fine and feeling like crap. Im even more tired of having to justify why I feel so bad and need to get away.
Next week, im supposed to do an Expo in Atlantic City. 12 hour days, on my feet, alone...Im scheduling my relapse for the first week in November. Wanna join me? This time, Im seriously wondering if I can get someone to hosptialize me for R & R!
I feel for you...I really do. Sorry this doesnt help your situation, but please know, youre not alone.

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