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Re: Rapid Dx.
Oct 17, 2007
Mitch my friend...reassurance is my speciality! With guys, especially, MS can be so much more aggressive. I hate to tell you that, but you already know it. Statistically, men just dont get MS as often as women, and when they do, its VERY IMPORTANT that they get early intervention! You really are my hero. I would LOVE to be on a trial, knowing that Im helping to make MS easier for others, but so far, I just havent been a candidate for any....
Rest assured, they really wouldnt be putting you thru this, if they werent sure that you had MS...obviously whatever MRIs and other tests you had, convinced your doctors that you were a good candidate for the trial, and were MS positive!

Its really unfortunate that we hear SO MANY sad stories of how long it can take to get a dx...however, statistically also, it doesnt take that long to diagnos MS. [B]In fact, we are NOT in the minority[/B]...across the board, the individuals who have had a terrible time getting dx are either NEVER going to wind up with a dx of MS, because they dont have it, or are in the minority, having MS, but not having enough conclusive sx to definately diagnos it...theres also the tragedy of so many doctors not knowing enough about the disease to be comfortable diagnosing MS and therefore just plain hesitiating..count your blessings that you went thru a quick Dx, I do....we are the lucky ones! Limbo land is not a fun place, and for those who are suffereing with MS symtoms, possible MS, or even a disease which mimics MS, my heart goes out to them.

Hugs to you hero.

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