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Re: Ms?
Oct 25, 2007
sleigh, your neuro might be a little lost too! It's a hard disease to understand but I think no one does better than the people who actually have it and a GOOD MS specialist. There are some well-versed neuros out there but quite honestly, they're not easy to come by. Sometimes a really good MS specialist is not easy to come by, either!!

Okay, so after these things, regardless of anything, you will need a referral to an MS specialist. Being "suggestive" of MS is a start but it may have to be verified by an expert in the field (never hurts to get a second opinion, anyway) and if it IS MS, you will not want to get treatment by a regular neuro.

And listen, if it IS MS, it is NOT the end of the world. We all understand what it is to be scared and for those of us (like me) who didn't suspect it, SHOCKED at the suggestion! :eek:

Just take it one step at a time and we'll try to help answer any questions. :) I'm assuming/hoping that the neuro ordered thorough blood work as well (including Lyme, hopefully to a GOOD lab -- not all labs are great with that test -- and also B-12, etc.)

There are other things that can cause lesions -- MS lesions have specific characteristics like shape and location but there ARE also some mimics (Lyme being the biggest).

And as for sx, do you have any others besides headaches?

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