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So I picked up my follow-up radiologist report form my MRI yesterday. It was compared to early March. Good news is the report says "no interval" change. Additionally, the one cervical lesion I had is apparaently gone or "may have been artifact."

I am suspecting my diagnosis. I looked at my MRI's. There is literally NO CHANGE. I mean, the lesions that were there before are there now in the same place and are the SAME size. From the report, it seems like even the radiologist is "suspecting" the diagnosis. This is what is says:

"The ventricals are normal in size and contour and the cortical sulcal pattern is normal. THere are numerous areas of abnormal T2 signal in the cerebral hemispheric white matter bilaterally which when compared to the previous study of 3/19/07 there does not appear to be any appreciable change in the overall appearance of abnormal signal foci which have been previously thought to represent demylenating disease. There was no enhancement seen.

COnclusion: No interval change in the suspected demylenating disease. No breakdown of the blood-brain barrier."

Does it sound like the radiologist is doubting? Also, shouldnt some lesions have gone away or at least changed?? Is it possible that these have just been there forever??

I am 28. I was diagnosed based on my right hand going numb and weakness in both hands, a positive spine tap and apparent change in MRI...This is the thing though. My first MRI was from a different facility and the images were not very clear. Which makes me think, maybe it never really changed!!! Especially since they are saying the cervical lesion may have never even been there!!!

I know I should be glad but part of me is thinking that maybe I dont have MS...Maybe I have CIS or something....My doc appt is in 2 weeks...

What is your opinion???
Diagnosed Dec. 21, 2006 with RRMS
Starting Copaxone 01/04/07

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