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Hello to everyone,

I have been OK the last year so we decided I can get pregnant. I had some hormonal tests and I was found with low progestorone. I have been searching the Internet and seems that MS and low progestorone is somehow connected. Does anyone know anything about that?

If I take progrsterone in pills or injections, is there a chance it can harm me?
Progesterone increases during pregnancy and has been shown to repair myelin sheaths which have been damaged. I have not read any studies on low progesterone and MS. I hope you are able to fulfill your quest for motherhood.
I'm not sure about the connection, however I had a hard time becoming pregnant with my DS (2 1/2). It was determined that my progesterone was low, no way I was going to get pregnant and hold the pregnancy. My OB put me on clomid to boost ovulation and levels. Fortunately, I got pregnant the first month after taking my first clomid pill. I had to take progesterone pills for 4-5 months to ensure that my levels were high enough during the start of the pregnancy. I wasn't dx with MS until my son was 1 1/2. My hormone problems begun while trying to get pregnant with him. There could be a connection. I will research it for sure.

Ooops... a double post.
This is an interesting thread.

I read a study somewhere on the internet...It may have been the UK site...(agh! my memory is the pits). Where they did a study of women and men with and without a diagnosis of MS and the effects of hormones. I will have another look around and see if I can find it again. There were some very interesting conclusions drawn but stated that more research was necessary in this area.
I agree this is a very intreasting thread .

I am not sure if they are related. But I would really like to know. I had 3miscarriages. The second misscarriage through blood work they found out that I was low on Protesterone. I know am going through the process of being tested for MS. The dr. had asked if I would like fertility treatment. I am actually going to wait until all this other stuff is taken care off.

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